Calm.  Cool.  Collected.

These are the types of home interiors I love to create for my clients!
I encourage my clients to see our working relationship as a creative collaboration.
Many have existing collections, and a strong framework for the design scheme for their homes.  They are often creative people who need someone to act as the creative director for their renovation project or to give fresh perspective on design conundrums.
I can unify and integrate your family heirlooms OR help you curate lovely decor from the ground up.  I do my very best to understand how my clients use their homes.  Whether you are a single professional with modern taste, or a family of five with traditional taste (and a couple of cute dogs!),   I'll help to unify your space, provide practical organization advice, and help with budgeting.  My primary aim is assist you in creating your space - after all it's your home!!
2 hour Initial Design Meeting  (2 hours/ $250):  
the essential first step in defining your project.  
The 2 hour first meeting lays a great foundation to determine your needs/wants/dreams.
It's remarkable what can be accomplished in that time.  I will provide a written summary of our discussion and my suggestions for your future reference. 
Outcome of the First Meeting:
Then initial design meeting is to realistically discuss the:  
Scope of Work, Realistic Time Frame, Budgets.
I consider it a privilege to help make my clients homes safe & lovely spaces that make it a joy to come home.  This may involve organizational systems or simply rearranging existing furnishings in a more cohesive design.   Building a collaborative relationship with my clients allows the sometimes stressful process of updating your home to go more smoothly and to be very fun!  I can be retained on an hourly basis for some DIY guidance or for a whole-house update and my extensive array of resources takes alot of the guesswork out of updating and decorating your home.
Walk-Thru of Your Home:  Needs Assessment
More than just an introduction, this meeting is the beginning of design dialog to determine your needs, hopes, wants, challenges.   
You'll need to prepare a list of questions, by room, to organize your thoughts.  This will keep us on track and make our first meeting most productive.  
My goal is to create a collaboration that will result in the home you really want.  I will help to unify and solidify your vision, providing practical organization advice &  budgeting tips. 
I also painstakingly seek to understand how you and your family use your home -  to help create not only a beautiful space, but one that functions practically on a daily basis.
Initial Design Meeting Goals - Scope of Work and What Approach is Best?
New Home?  New Construction?  Starting from Scratch?  No time to get settled?
We'll discuss:
Style + Palette Development
Define what Furnishings are Needed:  Hi/Low sourcing?  
Define taste and expectations for your Home
Paint Color Consulting and Finish Selections
Contracting Needs (I speak contractor!!)
Review of Floor Plans
Timing for Painters, Electrical, Flooring etc
Material Selections for Cabinets, Tiles, Wood, Kitchens, Baths
Construction Issues and Concerns
Help with Contractor Referrals and Project Management /Creative Direction
Other Related Creative Services (Fees provided upon request.)
Interiors and Decoration:  shopping, sourcing, hunting and gathering what you need / want.
We assess what you have and  make a wishlist of what to liquidate/purchase/source.
Prop Styling / Arranging:  Let's make that collection look even more lovely!  
Gallery Walls:  I love how this type of decoration tells a story of the home's inhabitants!
This is one of my favorite trends presently in design.
Custom Sewing Workroom:  I can create or arrange the creation of all types of pillows, drapes, reupholstery, etc.   Let's colaborate on great textiles in your design!
D.I.Y.  or  Design-As-You-Go
Many of my clients are design enthusiasts who get a great start on decorating then may need a helping hand or interesting trade sources.  Our collaboration allows me to point you in the right direction, and can help you  finish the design.
Make your rental yours - well for now...
With some creative problem-solving, you CAN make a rental home feel like yours and not a temporary situation.  I've been a homeowner and a renter - I can help.
Home Staging and Rearranging Services:  
(using client's current furnishings and accessories)
Assess current furnishings..  Integrate existing furnishings with new purchases if needed.
Updated solutions for windows, lighting, storage, art, accessories.
Paint choices to help tie together your space with unitfying colors.
This process can be remarkably affordable and quick - sometimes with in one day!
Concierge Design Services
(for those relocating or setting up a second home.)
Are you down-sizing or moving?  These tasks require loads of organizational effort and planning.  It's also very stressful.  I have some creative resources for liquidating furnishings or sourcing unusuall furnishings for your new home.  
Are you moving to NYC and need helping setting up your future space?  The Big Apple can be daunting to navigate, even for simple things.  It helps having help to get it done!
Home Staging for Real Estate Sale
You and/or your realtor may need help in preparing your home for the ultra-competitive NY real estate market.  We want to show your property in its best light.  There is however
a delicate art to de-personalizing your home (so your buyer can visualize
themselves in the space) and living in the home until your move.  
I can help guide you through this challenging & stressful process.